Readying the Path for Entrepreneurship

Confession:  Most mornings I want to throw my alarm clock out of the window and return to which ever country I was visiting at the time before I was so rudely awakened.  OK, let me stop.  That was a false confession.  In actuality, I don’t even have an alarm clock.  My alarm is set through my phone and I wouldn’t dare throw that anywhere.  It holds my life.  However, the fact that such a small device has so much power makes me a little envious.  That phone has more control over me that I have over myself.  How so? That thing has my most treasured memories in videos and pics as well as my connections to my loved ones via phone calls, texts, and even emails.  It also holds my appointments, my ideas, my rhymes (yes, I still write hip-hop lyrics on occasion), and my most personal thoughts.  If this tiny device can have so much control over me and my actions, how come I can’t have as much control over myself?

What would control over myself look like?  What would it feel like?  See, I believe control over yourself comes in the form of autonomy. (Doc, don’t start using words that we don’t understand).  Autonomy basically means having the freedom to do what you want.  In that vein, entrepreneurship comes to mind.  I believe that most people aspire to be entrepreneurs; yet, the realization of that aspiration is seldom pursued. We dream these lofty dreams, but end up settling on a job that pays little money with little to no benefits or we get a career that may pay well with plenty perks.  Whatever our employment situations are, we often get stuck right there.  We still wish for those lofty dreams, but complacency settles in and we decide not to go for the unknown due to fear.  Is that fear of failure or fear of success?  Continue reading Readying the Path for Entrepreneurship


You have the dream. You have the skills. You have access to the capital. You don’t act. You sit back and watch others live their dreams out. What? Back up. You have what it takes, yet you don’t take actions to get it done. Why? You can’t explain it. Well, you can, but it won’t make sense so you keep it to yourself as you continue to let your dreams slip. Eventually, you blame others. You become resentful of your failed non-attempts, then you fall into complacency. Then suddenly, one day you realize you can actually do what you wanted to do all along. Now where was that plan you wrote out? Where did you hide that notebook of contacts? You’re ready this time. “Watch me!” you say to yourself. Now you’ve awakened the beast within. Continue reading Self-sabotage