You Can’t Demand Respect When You’re Not Respectable

I have a guy friend who has a female friend that he cares for like a sister, but his female friend super sucks at relationships.  I know, I’m the divorced one, so some might be tooting up their lips reading that statement, but I’m serious. This woman is beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished, but doggone it, her love life is tragic.  The last few dudes she’s been with have all been super disrespectful to her while they were “together.” Now all relationships have ups and downs.  No one should expect relationship perfection, but again, hers all sucked. While she can’t understand where the disrespect comes from, in hindsight or even foresight, she didn’t demand respect.  Each of her situationships ended because of another woman.  Did the dudes cheat on her?  Not really.  It turns out she was the one they were cheating with.  Each of these guys already had a lady in their life in which they had a relationship.  At some point, she learned of this other woman who was already in the picture, yet she choose to stay. Continue reading You Can’t Demand Respect When You’re Not Respectable