Parental Mentors

I love mentoring.  It’s one of my passions.  I’ve been a mentor.  I’ve started mentoring programs.  I wrote my doctoral dissertation on mentoring. Did I mention that I love mentoring?

Seeing someone grow and develop under the willing guidance of another is beautiful.  I’ve often wondered who I would be if I had a mentor growing up.  Many of our young males growing up who have the accessibility of positive, male mentors turn out to be quite successful.  Imagine if every person had a mentor.

With that concept in mind, I told someone that I think there should be a fatherhood mentoring program.  Nation-wide!  Let’s be really real for a moment.  We all know someone who is a messed up father.  I’m not even going to limit it to fathers though.  There are some trifling mothers out there as well. Continue reading Parental Mentors

No, You Can’t See OUR Child!

“No, you can’t see our child!”  If you have ever said or wrote those words or any similar derivative, you are the problem.  Yep, re-read the sentence as many times as needed.  It’s not them, it’s you.

Every child brought into this world through the traditional method (sex in a relationship) is entitled to a connection with both parents. This is not a privilege of which you oversee.  This is a right.  Yes, we are living in the millennium and there are many ways of how children are brought into families, but I’m speaking specifically about relationship births only.

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