Parental Mentors

I love mentoring.  It’s one of my passions.  I’ve been a mentor.  I’ve started mentoring programs.  I wrote my doctoral dissertation on mentoring. Did I mention that I love mentoring?

Seeing someone grow and develop under the willing guidance of another is beautiful.  I’ve often wondered who I would be if I had a mentor growing up.  Many of our young males growing up who have the accessibility of positive, male mentors turn out to be quite successful.  Imagine if every person had a mentor.

With that concept in mind, I told someone that I think there should be a fatherhood mentoring program.  Nation-wide!  Let’s be really real for a moment.  We all know someone who is a messed up father.  I’m not even going to limit it to fathers though.  There are some trifling mothers out there as well. Continue reading Parental Mentors