A Man and an Adult Male are Two Different Things

man v adult male

I posed the topic of what makes a man a real man on social media to get a take on what some of my friends thought about the characteristics required to fill this role.  I expected a bunch of women to vent about what they would like in a man. Surprisingly, only males responded.  Let me take that back, only men responded.  Amazingly, these weren’t random men, these responders were all men that I admire for various reasons.  Some are great fathers, supportive husbands, leaders, and just plain ole good guys.  To have the insight of these men was valuable.  Again, I was surprised at the silence of women, but hopefully, they were just reading to see if their thoughts matched these men’s expressions. Continue reading A Man and an Adult Male are Two Different Things

Accepting Love

I completed a survey on character strengths from U Penn and one question asked if you are able to accept love. Say what now? “Are you able to accept love?”  I paused on the questionnaire.  It was a dumb question to me initially.  Then I stopped to figure out why that question was even on there (yeah, I get pretty deep in thought over small things at times).  Eventually, it made sense. It then explained some behaviors of some people I know. They can’t accept love. The closer they get to someone or the more emotionally connected they become, they act out or push them away purposely.  They can’t accept love. Continue reading Accepting Love