Facebook Life Lessons

People use Facebook and other social media sites for various reasons. I use it because of the ease to connect with people I already know all over the world (no new friends). Some people criticize it, but steady stalk folks without any comments or likes. Some use it to build an audience for themselves just for attention.  However, I’ve learned a lot from the site. What I’ve learned most is we are all different. Some of you just said, “Duh!” That’s ok, but it’s real. I know an eclectic group of people. Some work retail for minimum wages and some are CEOs. Some barely graduated high school, while some have several degrees. Some have household incomes of less than $35k, but own homes, while others make over 6 figures yet can’t afford a home in their area. Some singles profess they are happily living the single life yet secretly hoping for love. Some couples fake their happiness in public while they are actually just tolerating each other because letting go wouldn’t look right. All in all, we are different. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. I’m cool with that. Can you be? Continue reading Facebook Life Lessons