Ciara/Russell Wilson: Dating with Children


First of all Russell has been my unrealistic, cougar crush in my head for a few years because he’s intelligent, he consistently does volunteer work at the children’s hospital, and he just “seems” like a good man. I’m sure Ciara saw many more realistic qualities which is why she choose him and especially why she is comfortable bringing him around her son. Since their courtship became public, I’ve seen all kinds of articles implying she’s being vengeful towards her child’s father, Future.  Really?  Was he being vengeful by dating all the other women he dated after he broke up with each of his other children’s mothers?  Why should a mother have to put her needs for companionship on pause just because she is not with the father of her child?  Meanwhile, the father is free to be with any woman (or multiple women) whenever he feels.  Should she hide her relationship so she won’t upset the child and/or the child’s father?  Not at all. Continue reading Ciara/Russell Wilson: Dating with Children