Who ARE You?

The other day, I was college tour-road tripping with my kids and “Long Walk” by Jill Scott came on.  At the end of the song, my daughter announced that when she was little, she thought I sang that song when it used to come on in the car.  Her statement was interesting for two reasons: for one I can’t sing, but the other seemed to blow their minds.  I told them that I wrote a song very similar to it a year before “Long Walk” came out.  They were shocked that I wrote songs.  I reminded them that I wrote poetry.  My son yells out, “You write poetry?!?!”  I then reminded them that I wrote a book of poetry.  “You wrote a book of poetry?!?!”  At that moment, I realized that my kids don’t know a lot about me.  Continue reading Who ARE You?

Social Media vs. Real Life

I’ve written about social media’s impact on those who feel that everyone else’s life is better than theirs because their social media timeline shows them so.  Although this topic is similar in nature, it’s actually the reverse.  Are you comfortable sharing your true personal life on social media?

I remember when Facebook started to become really popular.  On my timeline, most of my friends posted almost daily, sharing the ins and outs of their lives.  It was pretty awesome seeing my friends who now live in places I’d need to book a flight to visit instead of driving down the street.  I could watch their children grow through posted family pics.  I could praise their accomplishments.  I could even snoop into their personal lives even harder than they shared by clicking on their friends’ profile pictures and see what’s going on in their lives as well.  It’s all good fun for me.  Continue reading Social Media vs. Real Life

You are flawed, but that’s perfect!

flawedI’m damaged.  So are you. Don’t front. We have all been that dented can of peaches on the grocery store shelf.  We remain on that shelf as customers walk up, look at our dent, and choose the next can that looks better. One day, we leave the shelf in one of two ways.  Continue reading You are flawed, but that’s perfect!