Live, Love, and Be You

Honestly, my life is stressful. Sometimes I wish I could skip forward and get to the good parts.  I doubt myself often. I think I’m not good enough. I feel like I let people down. I start projects and never finish.  I feel like a failure.  I’ve been taken advantage of, taken for granted, cheated on, financially abused, and emotionally manipulated.  I’m in a state of complete uncertainty.  I worked three jobs because I had to, not because I’m superwoman. I’ve looked away when I saw seemingly happy families having fun.  I’ve held my head down and sighed when men publicly acknowledge and appreciate their ladies.  I’ve been called a bad mother.  My bank account is just a frowny face and my refrigerator is not full.  I think I’m in love with the most amazing man, yet afraid of him at the same time. I cry myself to sleep. Sometimes I have to be reminded that I’m a good person; that I’ve done good things that will forever impact someone’s life, and that I am loved without conditions. Continue reading Live, Love, and Be You