Faith – Action = Foolishness


I met a woman once many moons ago who called my place of employment for assistance.  The woman was known in the helping community as a taker with no action on her own part to improve her life or the lives of her children.  She’d actually been banned from receiving services from a few non-profit organizations.  I needed to see what I was dealing with on my own.  It couldn’t possibly be as bad as they made it seem.

I went to this woman’s home to see what type of assistance she really needed, if any.  I was torn. This woman needed so much more than what she was asking for, but she was unwilling to do what needed to be done.  She was deeply religious and said God would take care of her, so she didn’t need to work.  She was living in a house that was in desperate need of repairs and facing eviction. The refrigerator was bare.  The electricity and gas were disconnected for non –payment of thousands of dollars.  Her food, what little she had, was in a cooler with ice. The home was unkempt.  The worse part was she had three teenage children who were obedient and silent as they stood the entire time.  If their eyes could have words like in the cartoons, they would’ve read “Save Us.”

Inside, I was beyond angry at this mother for putting her children in danger, but I kept it professional.  When I tried rationalizing with her, she said God would pay all her bills.  While it is perfectly fine to have faith, faith without action is foolishness.  I was very young at the time and did not fully understand mental illness, but in hindsight, there was probably an issue there.  However, the issue I’m trying to address in telling that story is that you must act.

I’ve seen people say they want to get a new job, but don’t apply.  They want to find love, but refuse to meet new people.  They want to make a certain amount of money a year, but will not make plans to do anything different from what they’ve been doing. Again, faith without action is foolishness. When we act, we do so in preparation for something to happen, usually something positive or good.  Although some people do act for purposeful negativity, we’re focusing on positivity here.

Your challenge is to put your faith in action.  Take whatever it is that you’ve been wishing to happen and set some time aside to work on a plan to accomplish that goal.  Setting small steps (or objectives) should help you to stay on track and feel accomplished along the way.  Now get to it.

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