The Power of Yes Dear

I was with a group of single woman, chit chatting about the various stages of our love lives. Two of the ladies were dating divorced men.  In the conversation, someone shared how her partner let her have her way in a certain situation.  When the lady him asked why him immediately backed down, he said “I didn’t want any problems.”  My reply was, “Ahhhh, he has mastered the Power of Yes Dear.”  Hence, the catalyst for this piece.

“Yes Dear” can make life soooo much easier. At least that’s what I hear. I haven’t had a long history with the practice myself, but I’m getting a taste.  Continue reading The Power of Yes Dear

Faith – Action = Foolishness


I met a woman once many moons ago who called my place of employment for assistance.  The woman was known in the helping community as a taker with no action on her own part to improve her life or the lives of her children.  She’d actually been banned from receiving services from a few non-profit organizations.  I needed to see what I was dealing with on my own.  It couldn’t possibly be as bad as they made it seem. Continue reading Faith – Action = Foolishness