Dodging Bullets

Like you, I have a few friends with whom we discuss exes and what we know of their current lives.  A few have stated that they saw their exes on social media sites and they realized that they dodged a bullet based on what they represented on the sites.  Although we know that most people post their best selves, these dudes clearly didn’t get the memo.  We laugh reflecting on how hurt we were when the relationships ended, but in hind sight; we’re elated.

One friend in particular found out that the man they were so in love with was now a bum.  No real job, not taking care of his many children, and always working on a get-rich quick scheme.  She pondered what would’ve become of her life if she had stayed with him.  Would she be reluctantly supporting him financially?  Would she be pretending to be happy with all his outside kids and baby mommas?   Would she be miserable or would she simply take it as that’s the way her life was destined?  She wasn’t sure, but she dang sure was happy she didn’t have to find out.

Dodging bullets doesn’t only apply to relationships.  Sometimes it happens with our careers.  It’s difficult to foresee if a good looking opportunity is really for us.  More money does not necessarily mean it’s for the best.  A friend expressed how they were offered positions that paid more on a few occasions, but they turned them down.  They weren’t sure if they made the right decision initially, but in the end, they found out they did.  The companies that made those offers are no longer in business. They are grateful for the stability that their current job has continued to provide.

On the flip side, another friend explained how they were able to have a little foresight into their work environment and leave in the nick of time. Had they stayed at their jobs, they would have ended up unemployed because both companies ended up folding.

Kenny Rogers famously sang, “You gotta know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em.  Know when to walk away. Know when to run.” Even though he was singing on the surface about gambling, those simple lyrics can teach us a lot about life.  You have to know when to take certain actions to benefit yourself.  We won’t always know when to dodge a bullet, but we should always learn from our experiences and the mistakes of others.  We don’t willingly walk into traffic because the lessons we’ve learned have taught us that it’s a very bad idea.  So with that in mind, look both ways before you cross the street and don’t walk straight into the barrel of a gun. Use precautions and your intuition to dodge those bullets before you get hit.

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