If I Make it Look Easy

I apologize if I make it look easy.  It’s not.  I know many people experience difficulties.  Scratch that – EVERYBODY experiences difficulties, but it’s not obvious to most.  We typically don’t announce our shortcomings or negative experiences, but we blast our happy moments.  In actuality, we all experience the good and bad.  However, when you’re going through your bad and everyone is speaking of their good, it seems like you are the only person with negative experiences and; therefore, your life must be worse than everyone else’s.  That’s simply not true.  Continue reading If I Make it Look Easy

“Lessons from Losers in Love” is Here!

I just released my latest project, a book entitled “Lessons from Losers in Love” on September 13th, one day after my 40-somethingth birthday.  This 230 page book is a compilation of stories from 22 people from all over the world (yes, I got international submissions) about loves they lost and the lessons they learned in the long run.  The stories come from a very diverse group – men, women, disabled, Christian, Mormon, a farmer, a politician, different orientations, different ethnicities, etc.  I’m very proud of the diversity represented, but I’m most proud for the universality of us all overcoming adversity and learning from those experiences.  Anyway, if you are looking for some new reading material over the weekend, I’d appreciate the support.  The book is available on Amazon.com.  Thanks in advance for your support.




Lessons from Losers in Love


Lessons from Losers in Love:True Stories from Failed Relationships that Turned into Valuable Life Lessons is a collection of 22 personal stories from around the world that deals with love, loss, and lessons.  The chapters include lessons on Toxic Bonds, Facades and Religion, Multiple Partners, Rejection, Finding Myself, Deception, Redemption, and Self-Revelation.

Available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle.