Heeeeyyy, Future Ex-Husband!

Yes, I have secretly called many men my future ex-husbands. Why?  Well, because they are simply men I’ve had crushes on, but I know damn well if I got with them in real life, we’d be over before we really began – hence the term, my future ex-husband.

See, I’ve learned to enjoy the excitement of fantasy.  I may see a super handsome dude online and lust til my little heart is content, but in actuality, that dude will probably not keep my attention.  Looks aren’t everything.  He may be fine today, but will he still be fine two years from now?  Will that chiseled six-pack all the women trace with their fingers on their computer screens turn into a keg?  Probably so.  Does fineness even matter in a relationship?  Nope, not at all.  What if he’s fine, but can’t even speak in proper English when need be?  I know I speak country hood at times, but I also know how to code switch and wax eloquently if the time is right.  Can he do the same?  Can fine dude even read?  That’s a prerequisite.  So for all his sexiness, he may not have anything else going for him.  That can’t work for me. Continue reading Heeeeyyy, Future Ex-Husband!

The Caregiver


Caring for loved ones can be an emotional journey for the family members whether they are the caregiver or the person being cared for.  No one wants to be in the position that others have to be forced to care for them.  It’s uncomfortable.  It may cause feelings of guilt.  It may even cause feelings of shame.  Yet, we can’t control what happens to our health as we age…or can we? Continue reading The Caregiver