Do you have life insurance?  Do you have a will?  Do you get regular checkups?  Have you made any provisions for what ifs and inevitables?

We all have different paths in life despite where we come from.  We can grow up in the same environment, with the same beliefs, and still end up with different outlooks on life and completely different lifestyles.  What does not change is the fact that we all will experience one thing for certain – death.

Someone of you just felt a twinge in your stomach.  You’re mad you even opened this piece.  Death is the last thing you wanted to think about, especially your own, but let’s be honest with ourselves to make this topic less taboo.

When I first got married, I became obsessed with thinking of my husband’s death.  No, I wasn’t thinking of causing it to happen.  I was obsessed with thinking about what would happen if something happened to him.  We had a brand new baby and I moved to the state where he was born and raised, but I didn’t know a soul.  He traveled frequently for his job and I was left alone with the baby in a place I didn’t care for at all.  I often wondered what I would do if something happened to his flight.  How could I care for our baby alone?  Would I stay in that state?  What would be the best decision for my child?  I watched news reports of flights.  I looked up status reports on airlines.  It was a miserable existence.  In hind sight, we did not have life insurance or a will, which contributed to further insecurity. Years later after the birth of the second baby, I made sure we both had life insurance even though he did not believe in such.  Years after that, I made a will for myself.

Prince was one of my favorite artists as a child.  When he passed, many of my childhood friends reached out to check on me.  I cried like I knew him. This man was talented beyond any living person I’ve ever heard of that ever existed. This man was a pure genius.  In all of his brilliance, he left this earth without a will.  How?  I was in disbelief.  As smart as this man was, did he never think of about the afterlife?  That couldn’t be true.  He often wrote about death in his songs, so how could he not prepare his own estate?  Maybe he was just too busy…

Don’t be too busy to leave a financial legacy for your loved ones.  After a death, it is hard enough to face life without your loved one, but to then be faced with unraveling an estate, paying off their debts, and deciding who should get what is an arduous task that takes away from the grieving process.  Some become bitter and resentful and never fully grieve properly due to the new tasks of settling affairs.

My challenge for you is to make sure your matters are in order ASAP.  If you don’t have life insurance, request a quote or make an appointment to speak with an agent this week.  If you don’t have a will, make sure you work on getting one in place this week.  Time is not promised. You have put it off long enough.  Preparing for your inevitable does not expedite the process.  It puts you and your loved ones at ease.

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