Baby, You Don’t Have to Work Anymore

“I wish I was rich so I wouldn’t have to work!”  Most of us have said this at least once in our adult lives unless we inherited wealth or were given a “small loan of a million dollars” from a relative to start a corporation.  However, money does not necessarily make you happy, as the cliché goes.  We usually counter that argument with, “I’ll buy some happiness” or even, “Well, let me how find out.”  The truth is money may provide us the opportunity to get more stuff, but will that stuff fulfill our souls?  Will we decide that we are now bored with stuff and then find something else to complain about that we wish we had?

I know many women who say they would love to find a partner that could provide for them so that they did not have to work. But in all honesty, if the situation presented itself, would they really not work?  As I typically do, I asked some friends (male and female) what they would do if their partner told them that they would no longer have to work because the partner made enough money to support them and their lifestyle.  I received a pretty equal amount of yes’s and no’s (is that how you write that?), but the reasons varied quite a bit.  

YES Honey, Bring Home the Money

Surprisingly (or not), not one person said they would sit home and eat Bon-Bons like the stereotypical thinking that the stay at home spouse does all day.  Maybe this is a desire for some, but then again, I don’t really know people like that, so it didn’t show up in my quasi-research from my circle.

Every person who said yes to the question had a plan of productivity.  A few said they would take the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and pursue their passion.  Some said they would devote more time to the upbringing of their children.  A few said they would volunteer to help causes that are dear to their hearts.  Lastly, a couple said they would further their education.  All in all, they would take advantage of the opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually without having the stress of trying to make ends meet.  When basic needs can be met, we feel lighter to pursue our wants.

NO Thanks.  Your Money is Nice, But I Like Mine Too

This group of friends leaned more on the side of caution.  They had no problem with the partner wanting to ease their burdens, but some thought the burden may become too much for either of them if something unexpected happens.

These no’s were backed with questions related to stability.  What happens if my partner decides to kick me out?  I’d be screwed.  What if my partner starts to demand activities that I don’t agree with?  I might be obligated to go along.  What if my partner lost their ability to continue to support us?  We’d both be screwed.  They all seemed to speak of the freedom and security that having your own money provides.

If you are in a situation that can allow you to relax a bit as your partner provides, know that it is truly a blessing.  Many people can only see what that looks like through the limited lens of the media, watching edited versions of the lives of others.  However, it’s a reality for many even if you think it’s unrealistic for you.  Many couples or families live off of one income.  It can be done with wise decision making if that is genuinely the goal.  Yet, the choice about what you do with the opportunity is up to you. You can take advantage and create additional opportunities for yourself, your family, or strangers in need.  You can also just be grateful for the blessing, yet continue to work to reduce debts, spend like a maniac, or save and invest to create more wealth.  Even life’s choices begets choices.  Choose wisely.

One thought on “Baby, You Don’t Have to Work Anymore”

  1. For many of the reasons mentioned it would be a major transition for me to just call it quits. However, I would think if I am married…clarification happily married and trust that my marriage is solid the thought of my husband flipping the script on me once I became dependent on his income would not be a factor.

    If given the opportunity although it would be challenging just because I am use to having a portion of my own and making my own money is a sense of security, I think I would take my spouse up on the offer. This would allow me to focus on what I really want to be when I grow up.

    Being young parents life just happen and we went with the flow; we never took the time to ask what do I want to be when I grow up? So, if that opportunity knock at this time of my life I would gladly open the door!?

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