Good Woman versus Stupid Girl

Hmmm. This is an interesting debate.  This topic came up one day when I was talking to a male friend and asked him if he thought I was a good woman or a stupid girl.  Of course he said I was a good woman, but would any male I asked that question say that I was a stupid girl?  Probably not.  At least not to my face.  That’s the point.  Continue reading Good Woman versus Stupid Girl

A Man and an Adult Male are Two Different Things

man v adult male

I posed the topic of what makes a man a real man on social media to get a take on what some of my friends thought about the characteristics required to fill this role.  I expected a bunch of women to vent about what they would like in a man. Surprisingly, only males responded.  Let me take that back, only men responded.  Amazingly, these weren’t random men, these responders were all men that I admire for various reasons.  Some are great fathers, supportive husbands, leaders, and just plain ole good guys.  To have the insight of these men was valuable.  Again, I was surprised at the silence of women, but hopefully, they were just reading to see if their thoughts matched these men’s expressions. Continue reading A Man and an Adult Male are Two Different Things