Ignoring Warning Signs in Life

warning signs - -- USED

Let’s be honest.  How many times did you realize all the warning signs you needed were there, but now it’s too late?  When driving, there are signs that warn us of danger up ahead.  They tell us to slow down because there is a dangerous curve coming up.  If we don’t use caution, we could end up getting hurt.

In life, we often have multiple opportunities or warnings that come to us to save us from possible harm.  When we are little, someone told us not to touch the stove when it’s in use because we could get burned.  What do we do? Touch the stove.  Throughout grade school, we’re taught the dangers of drugs and alcohol, often times with guest speakers sharing their stories of how their lives were negatively impacted.  What do we do? Go out and get drunk or even try a type of drug.  Some wise elder in the family tells a young family member not to “court” with a certain “fast tail gal.”  What does he do? Go get the girl pregnant.

We sometimes chose to do the exact opposite of whatever those who are looking out for us tell us to do.  WHY?  We know they are not giving us this advice because they want to see us hurt.  Instead, they tell us because they want what is best for us.  We usually do not see it this way.  We tend to think they are trying to run our lives, be in our business, or just don’t have their own business to tend to and need to get a life.

We will ignore the advice just to find out if we can have the experience with a different outcome.  What usually happens?  The same damn thing they told us would happen in the first place.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying not to make up your own mind when it comes to situations that concern your life.  However, use caution when warning signs are given, especially when they come from those who care for you most.

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