Healing begins with Willingness and an Open Heart


I spoke with a friend  about their former partner who has not been in a relationship since the two of them broke up – a VERY long time ago.  Their former lover refuses to let anyone else get close.  How unfortunate.  The heartbreak from one should not cause you to shut down your need for love and affection forever.

Life is about changes.  Yeah, you may be hurt again in the future.  We can never predict the actions of others, but holding on to hurt for years has a bigger impact than letting that hurt go, healing, and trying love again.  If that next _ship doesn’t work out, oh well.  You tried, enjoyed the ride, and will eventually learn some lessons from the experience.  You keep being you and the right person will enter your life as it is meant.  In the meantime; heal, forgive, move on, and live.

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