Are you Closer to your Friends than your Partner?

closer to friends

Remember that song “If I Was Your Girlfriend” by Prince?  That was the most misunderstood song that caused all kinds of debates during that time.  People used to swear it proved he was gay.  I used to get mad trying to explain what he was saying and couldn’t understand why others didn’t.

 In the song, Prince sings, “If I was your girlfriend, would you run to me if somebody hurt you even if that somebody was me?  Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.”  Basically, if two people in a relationship also treated each other as best friends (sharing their feelings, having fun together, forming lifelong bonds, and encouraging each other), that would be a beautifully, happy union.  Now look to your partner and ask yourself if that person can be your best friend and if not, ask yourself why.  Next, ask yourself and your partner if you are willing to put in the work to make it so.  Relationships aren’t easy.  Even the ones you look at from a far and think they have it all together because they seem to truly love each other.  Those took work too.

If we bind ourselves to unions in which we feel that our partner is untrustworthy, not respectable, etc.; then we have a long uphill battle.  We should be able to spend alone time with our partners and enjoy that time.  If we dread being alone with our partners, what does that say about the potential longevity of the relationship?  Some couples are afraid to become empty-nesters because then they will be forced to be alone with the person they once longed to be alone with even for a few moments.  Today’s challenge is to talk to your partner to make sure you two are on the same page in love and in life.

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