Healing begins with Willingness and an Open Heart


I spoke with a friend  about their former partner who has not been in a relationship since the two of them broke up – a VERY long time ago.  Their former lover refuses to let anyone else get close.  How unfortunate.  The heartbreak from one should not cause you to shut down your need for love and affection forever. Continue reading Healing begins with Willingness and an Open Heart

Are you Closer to your Friends than your Partner?

closer to friends

Remember that song “If I Was Your Girlfriend” by Prince?  That was the most misunderstood song that caused all kinds of debates during that time.  People used to swear it proved he was gay.  I used to get mad trying to explain what he was saying and couldn’t understand why others didn’t. Continue reading Are you Closer to your Friends than your Partner?

You Can’t Demand Respect When You’re Not Respectable

I have a guy friend who has a female friend that he cares for like a sister, but his female friend super sucks at relationships.  I know, I’m the divorced one, so some might be tooting up their lips reading that statement, but I’m serious. This woman is beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished, but doggone it, her love life is tragic.  The last few dudes she’s been with have all been super disrespectful to her while they were “together.” Now all relationships have ups and downs.  No one should expect relationship perfection, but again, hers all sucked. While she can’t understand where the disrespect comes from, in hindsight or even foresight, she didn’t demand respect.  Each of her situationships ended because of another woman.  Did the dudes cheat on her?  Not really.  It turns out she was the one they were cheating with.  Each of these guys already had a lady in their life in which they had a relationship.  At some point, she learned of this other woman who was already in the picture, yet she choose to stay. Continue reading You Can’t Demand Respect When You’re Not Respectable

No, You Can’t See OUR Child!

“No, you can’t see our child!”  If you have ever said or wrote those words or any similar derivative, you are the problem.  Yep, re-read the sentence as many times as needed.  It’s not them, it’s you.

Every child brought into this world through the traditional method (sex in a relationship) is entitled to a connection with both parents. This is not a privilege of which you oversee.  This is a right.  Yes, we are living in the millennium and there are many ways of how children are brought into families, but I’m speaking specifically about relationship births only.

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Ignoring Warning Signs in Life

warning signs - -- USED

Let’s be honest.  How many times did you realize all the warning signs you needed were there, but now it’s too late?  When driving, there are signs that warn us of danger up ahead.  They tell us to slow down because there is a dangerous curve coming up.  If we don’t use caution, we could end up getting hurt.

In life, we often have multiple opportunities or warnings that come to us to save us from possible harm.  When we are little, someone told us not to touch the stove when it’s in use because we could get burned.  What do we do? Touch the stove.  Throughout grade school, we’re taught the dangers of drugs and alcohol, often times with guest speakers sharing their stories of how their lives were negatively impacted.  What do we do? Go out and get drunk or even try a type of drug.  Some wise elder in the family tells a young family member not to “court” with a certain “fast tail gal.”  What does he do? Go get the girl pregnant.

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Happy New Year!

May 2016 bring abundance to any area you need, yet lack. Let greatness exist in your careers, entrepreneurial pursuits, family structure, and love lives. Find the fun in your dysfunction and flip it into a positive. Find the lessons in negative experiences. Uplift your your partners. Support those who are trying their best to achieve something outside of the ordinary. Mentor someone. Allow someone to mentor you. Travel outside of your state or surrounding states. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid. Invest in yourself and your children or someone else’s children. Let people know what they mean to you. Acknowledge your flaws and stop pretending that your world is perfect. Most importantly, make a conscious effort to be happy. Life is too short and unpredictable for unhappiness. Happy New Year!