Understanding Why Things Didn’t Work Out

I want _______ and I want it now!  Really?  Good luck with that.  Life is usually not dictated by what you want and when.  It just doesn’t work that way.

How many times have you wanted something sooooooo bad that you couldn’t imagine life without this thing and ended up not getting it?  Imagine that.  You lived.  Even still, you probably ended up finding out that you were better off without it in the first place.

I know several people who were majorly distraught after a relationship they treasured broke up.  They cried, they couldn’t get out of bed, they tried unsuccessfully to get this person’s attention so that they could realize what a good thing they were missing.  Still, this person stayed away.  The funny thing is those that did all that crying and claiming they didn’t want to live anymore ended up being happy as a hyena in the end.  That person they couldn’t live without often turned into a bum.  In some cases, they didn’t turn into a bum, they were already one, but that lover just couldn’t see it that way while they were in the situationship.  To see them look back and see that old flame in jail, addicted, and in one case even homeless and living on the street was a major wake up call.

See sometimes we want things that we aren’t meant to have and things just don’t work out.  Everything you want, just isn’t meant to be. So when things don’t work out as you plan, trust the process.  There is a reason for that want to go un-requested by the universe. You usually won’t find out the reason right away, but eventually you’ll understand the reason and learn the lesson.



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