Being a Priority

I’m a lover.  I love hard. If I’m into you, you are my priority and I want you to feel just that.  Often times that has led to me being taken for granted. I digress. Eventually, things settle and we just don’t cut it anymore.  That’s cool. Almost every man I had a relationship with eventually came back to speak of their regrets. I treated them very well and they took advantage.  They apologized. Better late than never. Whatever.  I have great friendships with many of them, still to this day. They’re “my boys” now and I love them…just not like that.

One day, completely out of the blue, an ex flame called and asked if I would come over, he had to talk to me.  I was skeptical, but curious.  We were friends at this point and I had nothing else to do, so I went. When I got there he explained the purpose of the visit. I always made him feel special and he took it for granted.  He thought I deserved at least one night of being made a priority. He ignored all forms of outside communications as they poured in and no t.v. watching. We had an intelligent conversation as he listened attentively and looked me directly in the eyes. To top it off he made a gourmet meal from scratch himself that was delicious. He never tried to get physical at all.  It was just a night just for me to feel good. I spoke to him a couple of times afterwards, but lost contact.

To this day, I never found out what precipitated that night.  However, I was forever impacted and I still have very vivid memories of the evening.  Why am I sharing this? The feeling of being someone’s priority even for one night was such a good feeling that I can still feel it to this day.  Imagine having that feeling every day from the one you love.  Imagine having that mutual interaction daily.  Won’t that be some awesome shit?

Several months ago, I went on a date with a great young man.  We were supposed to meet for an hour for lunch.  That hour turned into five as he decided to cancel the rest of his day just to spend more time with me. I was floored. I was made a priority. He’s been one of mine ever since.

Typically, we tend to take our loved ones for granted without noticing it until one day someone points it out.  We may feel bad and try to change it but then fall right back into familiar habits. Successful couples realize that their partner deserves priority status at all times.  I’m not saying there won’t be a time when something or someone else needs to take precedent, but let your love know that you have their heart in mind above anyone else, especially when they feel that you don’t.

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