Being a Priority

I’m a lover.  I love hard. If I’m into you, you are my priority and I want you to feel just that.  Often times that has led to me being taken for granted. I digress. Eventually, things settle and we just don’t cut it anymore.  That’s cool. Almost every man I had a relationship with eventually came back to speak of their regrets. I treated them very well and they took advantage.  They apologized. Better late than never. Whatever.  I have great friendships with many of them, still to this day. They’re “my boys” now and I love them…just not like that. Continue reading Being a Priority

Whose Watching

be the best you - -- USED

Almost a decade ago, when I started teaching college part-time at Seton Hall, I fell in love with it and said I eventually wanted to teach in higher ed full time because I felt I could make a major impact in the students, which eventually led me to pursue my PhD.  Someone told me that “those rich White kids” didn’t need me, that the poor Black kids I work with full-time needed me more.
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The Box and its Power

The box is powerful. Uhhh, not that box.  Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about the electronic inbox.  Ohhhh, the conversations that are hiding in there. My inbox has held shocking secrets, hosted conversations from those seeking advice, been a sounding board for business ideas, been a shoulder for someone to cry on, and even received invitations for dates. I really dig the latter. I mean dug.  Don’t get me in trouble.  See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about…The box and it’s power. Continue reading The Box and its Power