The One

We always hear about finding THE ONE.  Some of us think every time we meet a new person that we have a mutual attraction with that they might be THE ONE.   What about THE ONE that got away? THE ONE is always THE ONE until the relationship ends and we can’t believe we wasted our time.  What?  I thought they were THE ONE?  What happened?  How did that change? 

All relationships take work.  Honestly, most of us don’t want to do the work after that initial honeymoon phase wears off.  How can we extend that phase to forever?  Well, forever now has a new meaning, so let’s go with the new one – a long time. A long time to you, may be a short time for someone else. What you define as THE ONE may also have a different meaning for someone else.  It doesn’t necessarily mean the person you marry.  In this context, I’m talking about THE ONE FOR YOU. The terms of that are strictly up to you and you only.   How did you know you found THE ONE FOR YOU?   Please share your story.

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