Accepting Love

I completed a survey on character strengths from U Penn and one question asked if you are able to accept love. Say what now? “Are you able to accept love?”  I paused on the questionnaire.  It was a dumb question to me initially.  Then I stopped to figure out why that question was even on there (yeah, I get pretty deep in thought over small things at times).  Eventually, it made sense. It then explained some behaviors of some people I know. They can’t accept love. The closer they get to someone or the more emotionally connected they become, they act out or push them away purposely.  They can’t accept love.

How does this happen to a person? I absolutely love love.  I used to have a hard time expressing love, but I learned better and now you can’t turn me off. Some people can’t accept love because of their past experiences with the emotion.  Some were abandoned by those who supposedly loved them.  Some gave all their love to someone who did not reciprocate the feelings and they vowed to never love again.  Love is tricky.  There are no guarantees when you love someone.  However, purposely withholding love for self-preservation is not a smart way to protect your heart.  The heart will love whether you want to admit it or not.  Just don’t block your blessings trying not to get hurt.

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