You are flawed, but that’s perfect!

flawedI’m damaged.  So are you. Don’t front. We have all been that dented can of peaches on the grocery store shelf.  We remain on that shelf as customers walk up, look at our dent, and choose the next can that looks better. One day, we leave the shelf in one of two ways. 

In the first way, someone picks us up and determines that we are not worth a place on the shelf or better yet a place in someone’s cart to take home, so we end up being discarded.  In the second, but less likely way, someone picks us up and realizes that just because we have a dent on the outside, it doesn’t mean we are not valuable in the inside.  They take us home and enjoy us as much as our “perfect” shelfmates.

All of us have gone through things that have caused us to change in some way, to be dented or damaged.  However, despite our damage (or flaws) there is someone who will recognize our inner value. Don’t allow others to determine that your flaw makes you less than valuable. Love you as you, flaws and all, and someone else will to.

One thought on “You are flawed, but that’s perfect!”

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