You have the dream. You have the skills. You have access to the capital. You don’t act. You sit back and watch others live their dreams out. What? Back up. You have what it takes, yet you don’t take actions to get it done. Why? You can’t explain it. Well, you can, but it won’t make sense so you keep it to yourself as you continue to let your dreams slip. Eventually, you blame others. You become resentful of your failed non-attempts, then you fall into complacency. Then suddenly, one day you realize you can actually do what you wanted to do all along. Now where was that plan you wrote out? Where did you hide that notebook of contacts? You’re ready this time. “Watch me!” you say to yourself. Now you’ve awakened the beast within.

Before you become that Nobel Peace Prize winner, look at some things that may have blocked you before so that you will be prepared to not only face them, but to jump over the hurdles when they come…

1) Become fearless –Identify the fear that held you back previously and address the issues. Maybe it was money. You believed that if you gave up your more stable income to pursue your dream that you would not be able to afford the lifestyle you’d grown accustomed to. That’s understandable. However, when one takes a leap of faith, they are more inclined to work harder than ever to make those ends meet and have extra for a rainy day.
2) Believe in your own Hype – If you don’t believe in you, how can anyone else? Sometimes others can let us know that they believe in us which helps to motivate us in way that we don’t want to let them down.
3) Become Your Role Model – Sometimes we look for others to pave a path for us to follow. How about paving our own paths for others? You can do it.
4) Build a support system and network – You have no idea how this simple task can take you places (I’ll write on this another day). Use your six degrees of separation to reach out to people who may know people who work in the field you are interested in and can give you that connection. The saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” holds some truth.
5) Find an accountability partner – Share your goal with someone who is willing to make sure you stick to your plan. Allow this person to give you deadlines in which they will follow up with you to check on your progress.

Happy progressing!

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