Living Your Truth

Have you ever had a lie you tried to live out? Of course you did. We all lie at times. As we get older, we tend to lie less because we’ve learned of consequences (or at least we should). Lying causes all kinds of life disruptions mainly because you have to remember the lie, who you told it to, and why. Most people don’t lie just because they have nothing better to do. It’s usually because we don’t want to hurt someone or we don’t want to get in trouble for something we really should be taking responsibility for. Yet, at some point, the lie is usually discovered and then we have to scramble to set it straight and put things back in order. When if we had just told the truth in the first place, we could avoid the drama and hurt that came along through the process.
Today’s challenge is to unearth one of your lies. Close your mouth. I know your heart just sped up and stopped at the same time. Yep, I want you to tell the truth to someone you’ve lied to before. It’s difficult to face someone who believed in something you said, but no one deserves to live in your lie. Now go ahead and start the healing process.

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