Living vs Existing

Living vs Existing

Live life to the fullest. Live each day like it’s your last. Y.O.L.O. (AKA You Only Live Once).  We’ve heard all these phrases before.  Maybe you’ve even said them or better yet yelled out “Y.O.L.O!” while partying or doing something crazy. Yeah, we like to say we are “living,” but how many of us are really just existing? How many of us really know the difference?

You wake up, wash, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, cook/eat, talk to your loved ones, wash, go to bed, and do the same routine the following day.  You’re comfortable with your routine.  You know exactly how much money you’ll bring home.  You know which colleague is going to come to work with some fantastical story that no one believes.  You know someone from your family is going to call asking for money or something you don’t want to give. You know your bad azz child is going to have detention again and you know you will defend that child as the angel you believe God placed in your care.  Life is comfortable and predictable.  You are living.  Or so you think.  You are actually just existing.

Living comes from exploring your options, going after opportunities as they present themselves without fear. Living is “doing you” uninhibited.

I have a friend that I haven’t seen in decades, but I thoroughly enjoy our conversations.  I secretly live vicariously through his adventures.  He may be attending a concert outside, skydiving, or applying for jobs in another country.  I just never know what he’s about to say he’s doing whenever we speak.  The conversations hype me up so much, because they make me question my existence.  I want to attend a concert spontaneously.  I want to just drive past a skydiving facility, go in to suit up and yell “Y.O.L.O!” while jumping out of an airplane (with a very functional parachute).

The point is, he lives, not just exists.  Can you say you live and not simply exist?  Now all this spontaneity doesn’t mean you just act out without thinking of your consequences, but living goes hand in hand with releasing your fears.  Do you have a business you wanted to pursue, but you’re scared of not having a steady income?  If you do a little research, you’ll find that many successful business people started off when they quit or were fired from their jobs.  Their determination to succeed propelled their motivation to do well.  Extremely well.  So what’s stopping you from living? Figure it out and make a plan to not just exist. Y.O.L.O.

4 thoughts on “Living vs Existing”

  1. Love the post! So true on how easy it is to just get stuck and then we think we are living life but we are just existing, and at times existing for others not even for ourselves.

    1. That seems to be where we all get stuck – fearing the unknown so we find comfort in the uncomfortable. We stay in jobs where we know we are over-qualified because it’s a steady paycheck instead of starting the business we really know we should be running. We stay in unhealthy relationships because at least we have someone and we are not sure if someone else will want us or fear that someone else will treat us worse. Hmmm, maybe I can spawn another blog from this entitled “Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable.”

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